Sunny Days

Sunglasses for all

Ah sunglasses how I love thee so.  Some people can’t have enough phone cases, others lipglosses but for me it’s sunglasses.  I have always loved sunglasses, even as a little girl I remember flocking to the sunglass section while my mom shopped at Mandee (hey ya dating myself here).   Sunglasses are such a fun way to play around with your look. Not to mention they are used for so much more than blotting out the sun. Wake up late and have no time for make-up? Boom sunglasses. Want people to stay away from you in the store? Boom sunglasses? Hungover and have to look presentable? Boom sunglasses. There are so many affordable options that I have little to no buyers remorse when purchasing sunnies.  I can’t choose a favorite because I go through phases.  One minute I’m all about oversized, the next it’s cat-eye and wham heart-shaped.   After doing some research I learned that certain face shapes are flattered by certain sunglasses.  I’m not sure how much I buy into this but here’s what I have picked up along the way. 

Round:  Best glasses are rectangle, square and shield type glasses. 

Square:  Best glasses round, aviators, oval or circular curves. 

Oval:  You guys luck out.  Pretty much any shape is flattering. 

Heart: Best glasses are cat-eye, avatar, shield or rimless glasses. 

Listen, I tend to pick glasses that I’m drawn to and I am sure I look silly in some of my sunnies.  The real question is, do I care? Nope 😉  I have linked some of my favorite sunnies that all happen to be priced just right. Take a look and here’s to a lot of sunny days ahead!  

Thanks for reading!