White Denim

How to style white denim

This may be an unpopular opinion but I have always loved white jeans.  They make a comeback every few years and this summer is definitely one of them.  White jeans have certainly come a long way.  They are thicker for starters so that’s a win.  Honestly, who wants skintight wight jeans?  Not me. They also come in so many different styles you are bound to find one that works for you.   

I enjoy styling white jeans in the summer.  They add such a breezy vibe to any look.  They can be worn so many ways from casual to more dressed up. Most restaurants are up to date with current fashion trends which means they are more accepting with their dress code. So ripped jeans aren’t as taboo as they once were.  The jeans I’m wearing can be paired with sandals, sneakers or heels for an edgy meets classy look.  I am on the cusp of what’s considered petite sizing.  I’m just under 5’4 for reference.  I will get petite length if I know I don’t want to wear heels but it also depends on the style. Because with skinny jeans I can get petite length and still wear heels but with bootcut or flare jeans I will get regular length as I want to style them with heels.  Jeans are a complicated beast. I also enjoy white denim shorts. Have you tried the white denim trend? If not, what are you waiting for? I’ve linked the ones I’m wearing as well as some other style options here. Thanks for reading 🖤

6 Pairs of Sneakers I’m loving…

My husband and I weren’t the only thing that multiplied these last few years ; ) but our sneaker collection has as well… .Coincidence?  Probably not.  I need all the comfortable shoes I can get chasing these boys around.  Growing up I never owned more than 2 pairs.  I was all about high heels and boots.  I swear, my high school days were like a fashion show.  Not to date myself but black wedged Steve Madden boots were considered a wardrobe essential.    

Shoes will always be my muse.  I normally plan my outfits around which shoes I’m going to wear.  You  know start from the ground up, literally.  I’ve noticed I’ve shifted from heels to sneakers and I’m ok with that.  Being a mom of 4 and navigating life during a pandemic hasn’t really provided many opportunities to go out on the town. A trip to the Target is now considered an outing.  So you bet your bottom dollar that I’m wearing my finest pair of kicks!  I have compiled a list of extremely versatile sneakers that I’m loving right now.   

How I style sneakers:

Leggings, sweatshirt or t-shirt.


A satin skirt and sweatshirt (this is a favorite)

Denim Skirts 

Skinny Jeans

Guys, the possibilities are endless!

A Few Of My favorites…

Elevating Your Style…The sweatshirt…

Sweatshirts are the unsung heroes of fashion.  A good sweatshirt can transform any look.  I especially love pairing them with leggings, skinny jeans and satin skirts.  Balancing out a baggy top with a more fitted bottom is the look I try to achieve.  I must say though I do enjoy a good matching sweatsuit, I am an 80’s baby after all.  Sweatshirts make fashion more functional, and let’s be honest who doesn’t want to look put together and feel comfortable at the same time?  Ready to look comfortably chic? Pick up a few sweatshirts as they will take you through all the seasons.

How to style: 

Oversized: Best paired with leggings or skinny jeans.  This breaks up the fit.  I like to wear sneakers, boots or mules with this look. 

Cropped: I style with high waisted pants or joggers. 

Hoodie: So many possibilities…but I prefer an oversized mens hoodie with leggings/skinny jeans.  I like to add a tailored jacket or blazer and sneakers or combat boots. 

Tailored: These are more fitted and shorter.  I like to wear these with straight leg or bellbottom jeans.  

All my outfit details are here, along with a few of my other favorite sweatshirts: