Spring Dresses

Spring dresses 2021

What’s better then throwing on a sundress on a warm spring day? My style has definitely evolved over the years.  For starters I’m no longer working in a corporate setting that requires a dress code.  These days I chase around 4 little guys which limits my every day clothing choices.  With that being said I still enjoy a lovely sundress. They are just so effortlessly easy to style. I just have to be a little more conscious about the ones I choose and how I style them. When picking clothing, especially dresses I am looking for a few key components.   

Versatility:  If I can’t think of three ways to wear a piece I’m not buying it. An everyday dress must be adaptable and prepared for any situation.

Fit & Length:  Length is an important factor when picking a dress.   Maxi dresses are beautiful but also dangerous for those on the shorter side.  I’m still in the “wait, don’t touch that” phase with my kids which means I need to be able to move fast without tripping on material.  Same goes for shorter dresses.  One wrong move and everyone gets a show. 

Material:  I tend to gravitate towards lighter weight looser fitting dresses for everyday. It absolutely has to be machine washable.  I have zero time to bring anything to the dry cleaners. Not to mention I usually forget to pick my things up. Come to think of it, I’m fairly certain I have a duvet sitting at the dry cleaners right now. Ugh, see my point.

I like to pick up a few new dresses for the season. Most are usually very cost efficient as with the weather comes lots of outdoor activities which can get pretty messy! However, If the occasion calls for it I will splurge on a piece. I have linked the dress I’m wearing (which I also got in yellow) and a few others that will be perfect for the warmer weather here. Thanks for reading.

Paper Bag Waisted Pants

This trend has been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years and I am 100% here for it. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning as I’m on the shorter side with short legs. I’m all torso over here.  I was afraid I’d look a bit frumpy with the cut of the pants. I initially tried paper bag waisted shorts to calm my nerves over the wide legged fit of the pants. If I liked the way the shorts looked I could find a pant that would work as well. The short were a winner so I decided to go big or go home and purchase some pants.  To my delight I also loved them.  Keep in mind paper bag waists can be tricky to style. With the high waist being clenched and not smooth like a traditional high rise you can run into a issue on what tops look best. The clenched waist design gives the illusion of a smaller waist and lets be honest gals, who wouldn’t take that? A fitted top that can be tucked in is a great option. When trying to achieve this type of look I always turn towards body suits. They create a seamless look. This avoids looking frumpy.  Next I like to wear them with cropped tops that allow a little tuck but your skin also peeks out when you raise your arm.  This adds a little playfulness to the look.   I prefer a looser fit trousers for everyday.  Sneakers are always my go-to.  When going out you can easily transition from sneakers to heels and you’re good to go.  I have also branched out and purchased a cream pair for the warmer months. Skinny paper waist pants are another great option.  The combination of the clenched waist and fitted pants are a clear winner.  I have linked a few I have and some that have caught my eye here. Thanks for reading!

The Modern Day House dress

The House Dress – a simple, usually washable, dress suitable for wearing while doing housework.  That’s the definition according to google.  In this post I’m referring to dresses that can easily transition from wearing around the house to running errands.   When you imagine a house dress what do you picture?  I’ll tell you what I see, a woman in the 1950’s with a button down long dress that has short sleeves.  It might even have some sort of floral print.  How do I picture house dresses today?  A stylish, comfy dress that can be worn doing housework, chasing children around the yard to also the occasional run to the grocery store.  Or in other words, a nice change from my typical leggings and oversized sweater. Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to look cute even though you’re staying home.  Ever since I’ve had children I feel like I’m always in a rush.  I think it just comes with the territory.  I like simple outfits that don’t take much thought but the finished product is stylish and a good house dress fits the bill.   We don’t wear shoes in our home so I am always in slippers.  The only time I wear shoes is when I’m snapping a quick outfit pic.  I go through so many slippers it surprises even me.  When home I like to style dresses with a nice pair of comfy, chunky socks.  If I do venture out I pair them with combat boots or sneakers.  If you’ve been reading my posts you already know that I love mixing feminine pieces with sporty sneaks or rugged boots. Think Dr. Martens or converse sneakers meets lace and frills. It breaks up the formality of the look.  Since we are still in the winter season I usually wear long dresses around the house.  Once the spring hits I’ll pair them with a leather or denim jacket.  My mom got me a white denim jacket that I can’t wait to wear.  I know a lot of us are stuck home right now but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on dressing cute.  Throw on a house dress and see where the day takes you!

I’ve linked all my current favorite house dresses here.

Let’s talk Skinny Jeans

Let’s talk skinny jeans

Ok, let’s talk the skinny…skinny jeans that is.  Having short legs makes me a big fan of them. Plus hemming jeans is just well annoying.  Who has time for that?  However, I vowed this year I would learn how.  I feel like it’s a good skill to possess.  You know like knowing how to change a tire…which I also have no idea how to do.  I should start compiling a list… 

Most of my favorite skinny jeans come in petite length and in the word’s of Goldie…they are just right!  Don’t worry all my long legged friends most also come in “long”.  The real game changer though is when skinny jeans became high waisted.  I feel like that’s when everyones dreams came true.  Ah it’s the little things.  High waisted skinny jeans give the appearance of even longer leaner legs.  Especially paired with a cropped shirt and a shoe with a little height.  

When looking for jeans I want a pair that’s going to last me for years. Let’s be honest, shopping for jeans isn’t a favorite. I’m sharing some of the jeans I really like and have lasted long with many wears. So pull up a seat and prepare to slide into your new favorite skinny jeans.

I’ve linked a few of my favorites here.

6 Pairs of Sneakers I’m loving…

My husband and I weren’t the only thing that multiplied these last few years ; ) but our sneaker collection has as well… .Coincidence?  Probably not.  I need all the comfortable shoes I can get chasing these boys around.  Growing up I never owned more than 2 pairs.  I was all about high heels and boots.  I swear, my high school days were like a fashion show.  Not to date myself but black wedged Steve Madden boots were considered a wardrobe essential.    

Shoes will always be my muse.  I normally plan my outfits around which shoes I’m going to wear.  You  know start from the ground up, literally.  I’ve noticed I’ve shifted from heels to sneakers and I’m ok with that.  Being a mom of 4 and navigating life during a pandemic hasn’t really provided many opportunities to go out on the town. A trip to the Target is now considered an outing.  So you bet your bottom dollar that I’m wearing my finest pair of kicks!  I have compiled a list of extremely versatile sneakers that I’m loving right now.   

How I style sneakers:

Leggings, sweatshirt or t-shirt.


A satin skirt and sweatshirt (this is a favorite)

Denim Skirts 

Skinny Jeans

Guys, the possibilities are endless!

A Few Of My favorites…

Elevating Your Style…The sweatshirt…

Sweatshirts are the unsung heroes of fashion.  A good sweatshirt can transform any look.  I especially love pairing them with leggings, skinny jeans and satin skirts.  Balancing out a baggy top with a more fitted bottom is the look I try to achieve.  I must say though I do enjoy a good matching sweatsuit, I am an 80’s baby after all.  Sweatshirts make fashion more functional, and let’s be honest who doesn’t want to look put together and feel comfortable at the same time?  Ready to look comfortably chic? Pick up a few sweatshirts as they will take you through all the seasons.

How to style: 

Oversized: Best paired with leggings or skinny jeans.  This breaks up the fit.  I like to wear sneakers, boots or mules with this look. 

Cropped: I style with high waisted pants or joggers. 

Hoodie: So many possibilities…but I prefer an oversized mens hoodie with leggings/skinny jeans.  I like to add a tailored jacket or blazer and sneakers or combat boots. 

Tailored: These are more fitted and shorter.  I like to wear these with straight leg or bellbottom jeans.  

All my outfit details are here, along with a few of my other favorite sweatshirts:

The secret to the best oversized shirts…the mens section…

One of my ride or die outfits has always been leggings with a cozy oversized top. However, I couldn’t find “the one”.  Low and behold…it was in the mens section.  If you follow me on instagram you already know one of my favorite outfit tricks is shopping the mens section for shirts.  I especially love mens shirts because they provide the perfect booty coverage and are great with layering a look which can elevate any outfit.  Speaking of layering, grab a button down since they are add a little sophistication.  Next time you think you have nothing to wear take a look in the mens section…or your husband’s side of the closet!

The Hoodie: Perfect for a casual look with leggings. Add sneakers or combat boots depending on the season and your mood. This is my current favorite sweater hoodie.

The Sweater: Can be worn with any leggings but I especially like to pair them with faux leather leggings. This cable knit sweater is my current favorite and I have it in charcoal gray and white. I already got so much use out if it this season.

The Button-down: My favorite for layering under sweaters or shorter sweatshirts. They can also be worn belted with leggings or printed stockings and knee high boots. I have this one and love it.

My outfit details can be found here.

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