A modern Take on a Classic

How to style a white button down.

The white button down shirt is one of the most underrated pieces of fashion. I’ll admit, growing up it wasn’t the shirt I reached for the most when looking in my closet. Over the years I’ve learned that the make or break components to a great button down shirt are fabric and fit. Lets face it, if you’re wearing a piece of uncomfortable clothing are you going to reach for that bad boy in the future? Believe me, I am all about pairing affordable and splurge worthy finds. However, when it comes to a white button down i’m investing in a few good quality ones. I’m not saying you have to spend a small fortune but quality over quantity most certainly applies in this case.

There’s something about a collared shirt that adds a sense of sophistication and polish to any look. I automatically feel like I’m elevating my style when I throw one on. Can we talk about how versatile they are? One of my favorite ways to style is half tucked in with joggers and sneakers. They are the absolute best layering pieces. I love to pop one under a sweater. Leave the sleeves unbuttoned for a more casual look. Wearing one unbuttoned over a silk slip dress is another great option. In the summer a light weight boyfriend button down can be worn as a cover-up. I love to belt an oversized button down and wear it with over the knee boots. You can’t go wrong with a pair of tailored denim, it’s always a classic look. You never know the places a white button down can take you. I’ve linked the one I’m wearing as well as a few others here.

Trending: Baseball Hats

How to style baseball hats.

I’ve become a big fan of baseball…hats.  I haven’t been to a game in ages and I don’t particularly support any specific team but quite frankly I’d give just about anything to go anywhere these days and that includes a sporting event.  Back to the hats.  Baseball hats have been gaining more and more popularity these past years.  They are a great option when transitioning from season to season.  Specifically now, so swap out that beanie for a baseball hat.  They add a sporty touch to any outfit.  Not to mention they are great when your dry shampoo can’t take you that extra day.  I love pairing them with a blazer.  Mixing refined and sporty pieces is a favorite look I like to play around with.  In the summer I like pairing them with fitted jersey dresses.  Transitioning into spring I will wear a baseball cap with a hoodie sweatshirt.  Baseball caps are also a lot easier to transport which means I’ll be wearing them by the pool this summer.  I also like to keep one in my car just incase the occasion calls for it.  I’m currently really crushing on this rust color.  I just ordered this lighter one for the spring.  I’m more into neutral tones but I do like a pop of pastels for the spring and a hat is a great way to achieve it.  I have rounded up some hats here that are perfect to transition from winter to spring.  I love all these colors…I see a purchase in my future. Thanks for reading!

a shacket…but what is it?

How to style a shacket

First time I heard the word shacket I thought to respond with…god bless you.   You may be asking yourself the same question…what exactly is a shacket?  Ready for it?  It’s well a cross between a shirt and a jacket. It’s longer and thick enough to pass for a jacket but can also be worn as part of the outfit opposed to a jacket which one takes off.  So it’s essentially a shirt-jacket. I know very deep and philosophical.  I know everyone feels better now that they know.  I was hesitant to try the trend mainly because I’m really not that into plaid and early on that seemed to be all that was available.  I do have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the print and the fit of the one I’m wearing.  This guy was perfect in the fall when I didn’t really need a heavy jacket.  Now that the weather is colder I’ll layer it with my winter jacket.  However, I’m really not going anywhere these days so I find myself wearing shackets around the house to keep myself warm and stylish. Or over over my pj’s on Sundays 🙂  

So why do I like shackets?  One of the main reasons is their ability to layer so well.  My personal favorite way to style these are with a hoodie and leggings.  I have to admit that I’m now a fan of plaid prints.  They take a plain outfit and add a pop of color.  I will always gravitate towards neutral tones but there are so many color options out there.    When it gets a tad warmer I plan on wearing this same outfit but swap the leggings for a leather skirt and of course keep the sneaks.  

I see this trend continuing to be popular going into spring.  A cream colored shacket would be a perfect transitional piece.   Or even a light plaid or dare I say pastel plaid?  Yes, those do sound lovely.  Excuse me while I “add to cart” right now 🙂 

My outfit details along with a few other shackets are linked here