White Denim

How to style white denim

This may be an unpopular opinion but I have always loved white jeans.  They make a comeback every few years and this summer is definitely one of them.  White jeans have certainly come a long way.  They are thicker for starters so that’s a win.  Honestly, who wants skintight wight jeans?  Not me. They also come in so many different styles you are bound to find one that works for you.   

I enjoy styling white jeans in the summer.  They add such a breezy vibe to any look.  They can be worn so many ways from casual to more dressed up. Most restaurants are up to date with current fashion trends which means they are more accepting with their dress code. So ripped jeans aren’t as taboo as they once were.  The jeans I’m wearing can be paired with sandals, sneakers or heels for an edgy meets classy look.  I am on the cusp of what’s considered petite sizing.  I’m just under 5’4 for reference.  I will get petite length if I know I don’t want to wear heels but it also depends on the style. Because with skinny jeans I can get petite length and still wear heels but with bootcut or flare jeans I will get regular length as I want to style them with heels.  Jeans are a complicated beast. I also enjoy white denim shorts. Have you tried the white denim trend? If not, what are you waiting for? I’ve linked the ones I’m wearing as well as some other style options here. Thanks for reading 🖤

Fruits and Floral Prints

Styling floral and fruit print dresses.

You may be noticing a lot of prints this season. Specifically florals and fruit like pops of cherries, bright lemons and pretty pink florals.  It’s interesting how these styles and our own have evolved over time.  You might even say I would have steered away from these in the past. However, I now find that these prints tend to be the right touch of feminine and delicate and are also lovely to play around with.  Mixing feminine dresses with sneakers happens to be a favorite of mine.  Topping a floral blouse with a leather jacket adds the right bit of edgy to an outfit.  There are so many possibilities.  

Growing up with four older brothers my mother was determined to get a bow in my hair. So much so that when I was born she tapped one on due to the fact that all I had was peach fuzz, true story.   Even with growing up with all those boys and being a bit of a tomboy my mother never let me leave the house in a mismatched outfit or without my bow. I’d be playing with all the boys but dressed to impress. It’s funny how life works. I am still playing with the boys, my four boys, and doing it in style.  Back to the fruit and florals.  These prints are reminiscent of the 90’s.  I remember watching Clueless and dreaming that I had Cher’s closet app.  She had her clothes cataloged on a computer and then like at a dry cleaners she pressed a button and poof, here they were.  

I’ve learned a few things over the years.  One of them being to step out of your comfort zone.  For me that’s exploring prints that wouldn’t normally catch my eye.  For someone else it could be trying a new bright lip color.  Remember there are no rules for your own personal style.  Have fun with it and take a risk.
Thanks for reading and as always my outfit details and some more goodies are linked here

Spring Dresses

Spring dresses 2021

What’s better then throwing on a sundress on a warm spring day? My style has definitely evolved over the years.  For starters I’m no longer working in a corporate setting that requires a dress code.  These days I chase around 4 little guys which limits my every day clothing choices.  With that being said I still enjoy a lovely sundress. They are just so effortlessly easy to style. I just have to be a little more conscious about the ones I choose and how I style them. When picking clothing, especially dresses I am looking for a few key components.   

Versatility:  If I can’t think of three ways to wear a piece I’m not buying it. An everyday dress must be adaptable and prepared for any situation.

Fit & Length:  Length is an important factor when picking a dress.   Maxi dresses are beautiful but also dangerous for those on the shorter side.  I’m still in the “wait, don’t touch that” phase with my kids which means I need to be able to move fast without tripping on material.  Same goes for shorter dresses.  One wrong move and everyone gets a show. 

Material:  I tend to gravitate towards lighter weight looser fitting dresses for everyday. It absolutely has to be machine washable.  I have zero time to bring anything to the dry cleaners. Not to mention I usually forget to pick my things up. Come to think of it, I’m fairly certain I have a duvet sitting at the dry cleaners right now. Ugh, see my point.

I like to pick up a few new dresses for the season. Most are usually very cost efficient as with the weather comes lots of outdoor activities which can get pretty messy! However, If the occasion calls for it I will splurge on a piece. I have linked the dress I’m wearing (which I also got in yellow) and a few others that will be perfect for the warmer weather here. Thanks for reading.

Cutout Tops

Skin is in and cutout tops provide the perfect peek at showing some.    From chunky sweaters to smooth silhouettes you are going to notice slashes here and there.  This playful style is such a great way to elevate any look.  Going into the spring I’m wearing thinner shirts opposed to sweaters but I will never rule out a great cutout sweater on a cooler spring night.   If you are unsure about trying the trend there are many options for the modest.  A sliver in the sleeves adds something a little extra to a  plain shirt.  My personal favorite, a little peek of the collarbone.   I mean who doesn’t love a good clavicle?  Pair these shirts with jeans or joggers.  In the summertime they would look super chic with a pair of cutoffs and heels. Top the tanks with a light blazer and be on your way. There’s just something about showing a little pop of skin that makes any look unique.  I have linked my sweater as well of some other options here.  

the forecast says snow but I’m dreaming of sunshine…

  I know I know A swimsuit post in February?  Listen, we are about to get what feels like our 10th snow storm of the season tomorrow and well…I’m over it.  I shouldn’t be since I live in the north east but I am.  I enjoy snow up until the end of December when the holiday season is over.  After that I feel like spring should magically appear.  Ah, wishful thinking. We just booked our first family vacation since 2019.  We skipped last year because we had little Asher and I was worried with the pandemic.  Needless to say, I am excited!  Which means I’m planing all my day time outfits aka bathing suits and cover-ups!  

Ok let’s talk swimsuits.  Not a favorite topic of some but you need at least one.   Since I had children I‘ve gravitated towards high waisted bikini bottoms and one piece suits.   Mainly because I can run around, chase them and not have to worry about something coming out of place.   I also love these styles because they give the wearer a nice shape.  Let’s be honest these are just more practical for the town pool or my backyard.  I mean if I were going to Bora Bora I would certainly wear a tiny bikini and not give a damn because I was in paradise.  

The sad truth is these suits will be sold out or back ordered very soon.  They are all priced perfectly.  The last thing I want to do is spend $200 on a bathing suit only to have my kid spill part of his fire cracker ice pop on it.   No thank you.  I personally own four of these suits and love them.  The quality is great and you can’t beat the prices or fast shipping.  So grab a suit before they’re gone and don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen. 

Thanks for reading and take a look at all of my picks here.

Style Lust: Chunky KNits

I like my knits how I like my peanut butter..chunky.   Winter jackets aren’t my favorite but living in the northeast they are a necessity.  Please don’t even get me started with driving with one on.  Think of the kid from A Christmas Story trying to drive an SUV filled with four tiny humans arguing over who get’s to open the garage door first.  This is a true story.  Thinking of it actually gives me hot flashes.  Ah sweet motherhood.  Anyway back to the knits.  Chunky knits replace jackets as soon as it warms up.   A good knit is my saving grace on warmer winter days.  They are the perfect piece to transition from season to season.  Layer an oversized tee with one in the fall.  In the winter you can add a little something extra to your turtleneck.  Going from winter to spring I like to use them as my coat.  Not only are they warm but they are extremely stylish. The Sophistication of the silhouette elevates any look.   I have styled them with joggers, leggings, jeans and slip dresses.  I’ll throw one on when I feel chilly at home.  They go especially well over pj’s.   I have the one I’m wearing in three colors.  I guess you can say I’m a fan. Thanks for reading!

All my knits and more can be found here.

The Modern Day House dress

The House Dress – a simple, usually washable, dress suitable for wearing while doing housework.  That’s the definition according to google.  In this post I’m referring to dresses that can easily transition from wearing around the house to running errands.   When you imagine a house dress what do you picture?  I’ll tell you what I see, a woman in the 1950’s with a button down long dress that has short sleeves.  It might even have some sort of floral print.  How do I picture house dresses today?  A stylish, comfy dress that can be worn doing housework, chasing children around the yard to also the occasional run to the grocery store.  Or in other words, a nice change from my typical leggings and oversized sweater. Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to look cute even though you’re staying home.  Ever since I’ve had children I feel like I’m always in a rush.  I think it just comes with the territory.  I like simple outfits that don’t take much thought but the finished product is stylish and a good house dress fits the bill.   We don’t wear shoes in our home so I am always in slippers.  The only time I wear shoes is when I’m snapping a quick outfit pic.  I go through so many slippers it surprises even me.  When home I like to style dresses with a nice pair of comfy, chunky socks.  If I do venture out I pair them with combat boots or sneakers.  If you’ve been reading my posts you already know that I love mixing feminine pieces with sporty sneaks or rugged boots. Think Dr. Martens or converse sneakers meets lace and frills. It breaks up the formality of the look.  Since we are still in the winter season I usually wear long dresses around the house.  Once the spring hits I’ll pair them with a leather or denim jacket.  My mom got me a white denim jacket that I can’t wait to wear.  I know a lot of us are stuck home right now but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on dressing cute.  Throw on a house dress and see where the day takes you!

I’ve linked all my current favorite house dresses here.

A quick Gift guide for Valentine’s Day

In the words of my grandmother…there’s no wrong way to give a gift, as long as it comes from the heart. Some people go extravagant and some people go minimal. Same goes for us, some years we go big and some years we forget all together. One year I found myself running into Walgreens for a KitKat heart and a card after school drop off. Hey, its reality which somehow balances itself off. I can’t say exactly what I got Michael this year because like a good husband, he reads my blog posts. I will say it’s something from this guide. I compiled together gifts that range from extravagant to simple. I had more time this year to realize that Valentine’s Day was approaching since that’s really all we have on our hands, time. I’ve included two mini guides as I like to call them. There’s nothing worse than being overwhelmed with a ton of choices if you do happen to be pressed for time.  Most of these are next day shipping or even available for curbside pick up depending on your location.  One thing I will say is, don’t forget something sweet for your sweetheart. Remember most drugstores are open 24hrs and carry an array of cute Valentine’s Day candy. Have a partner who is clueless?  Give them the hint and send this post on over!

Gifts For Her

Card Case | Hydration Trio | Gypsy Water | Diffuser | Wine Cooler | Pajama’s | Initial Necklace | Wine Glasses | Purse | Bracelet | Slippers

Gifts For Him

Hoodie| Cologne | Bracelet | Whiskey Set | Wallet | Neck Massager | Joggers | Sneakers | Robe | Candy

cozy kind of mood

It’s a snow day here in Jersey.  Which means I’ll be cooking and baking non stop because apparently all my family does is eat during snow storms. It also means cozy outfits all day.  Cozy chic is the look I’m going for from January to March. I’m like a bear but my hibernation is in the form of cozy outfits. I’ve found some of my favorite cozy pieces on amazon this year.  Sweaters to me are like coffee, you can’t have enough. I want two things out of my sweaters…comfort and stylish. I’m currently all cozied up in one of my favorite amazon sweaters, joggers and slippers. All of which have become a staple in my wardrobe.  So if you have a snow day today cozy on up with your phone and a coffee (or wine) and take a peek at these cozy pieces. 


To be honest…my husband and I rarely go out on Valentines’ Day.  We prefer to stay home, but we do like to make it special.  With everything that has transpired this past year I am just extremely thankful to have a partner that I didn’t want to off during lockdown.  All jokes aside, this pandemic has taught me to appreciate what I have.  That being said, Mike and I like to have romantic little date nights (in) every once in a while to A: keep the spark alive and B: show our appreciation for each other.  

If you are staying in I have come up with a few ideas to help you celebrate.  Before I get to the good stuff I have to say, have fun with it.  Don’t sweat the the little things.  The evening doesn’t have to be perfect and if you don’t have a “Valentine” this year…who cares?  All this can easily be done with friends 🙂 I mean one can also enjoy champagne and chocolate by oneself while watching an awesome movie with take out.  So whether it’s alone, with friends or your partner.  Enjoy the day and make sure you love yourself first. Plus if you have children, you can’t forget about those little Valentine’s. The dragons are happy with Reese’s PB hearts.

A few little tips:

Set the mood:  If you decide to eat at the table make it romantic.  I like to set the table with our wedding china and crystal when Mike and I have a date nights in.  I will always add candles and fresh flowers.  But this year I’m thinking of setting up a picnic style dinner in the living room.  I like to use my favorite barefoot dreams blanket because it’s super cozy.  Serve the food on trays to prevent any spills plus they make dinner less formal, these trays are perfect and add such a rustic touch.  If you have a fireplace don’t forget to light that baby up!

The Food- Order out!  We usually order from our favorite steak house and mix up some cocktails.  I would call a week or so before to see if you have to place your order ahead of time since this it’s a busy day for restaurants.  Plus this is another great opportunity to support local businesses. We will most like mix up some dirty martini’s. I love these stemless glasses and this shaker with drink measurements on it! They are such a game changers.

Dessert-  Well dessert is a must.  Make it fun, we will definitely be using this chocolate fountain.  

Entertainment- Clue remains to be one of my favorite board games so when I found this one I was super excited to try! card games or some Scrabble for all you intellectuals out there.  I like this set because you can fold it up for easy storage and travel. I’m also not opposed to a good action flick or just throw on some Bridgerton.  That should put anyone in the mood…

What to Wear– I can see myself wearing one of these outfits.  A pretty “house dress” as I like to call them.  A lace bodysuit and skinny jeans or going total going total comfort (which I feel is going to happen) in joggers and this cute sweatshirt.  Whatever I decide I know that I will 100% be wearing a red lip and I just love this one. The color is sunset orange. I think that’s the beauty of staying home…you can wear whatever you want. 

Valentines day per-say isn’t really my thing but spending a special evening with the person I love the most is.  So mix up some cocktails and celebrate love, any kind of love xo. 

I’ve linked all my favorites here xo