Paper Bag Waisted Pants

This trend has been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years and I am 100% here for it. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning as I’m on the shorter side with short legs. I’m all torso over here.  I was afraid I’d look a bit frumpy with the cut of the pants. I initially tried paper bag waisted shorts to calm my nerves over the wide legged fit of the pants. If I liked the way the shorts looked I could find a pant that would work as well. The short were a winner so I decided to go big or go home and purchase some pants.  To my delight I also loved them.  Keep in mind paper bag waists can be tricky to style. With the high waist being clenched and not smooth like a traditional high rise you can run into a issue on what tops look best. The clenched waist design gives the illusion of a smaller waist and lets be honest gals, who wouldn’t take that? A fitted top that can be tucked in is a great option. When trying to achieve this type of look I always turn towards body suits. They create a seamless look. This avoids looking frumpy.  Next I like to wear them with cropped tops that allow a little tuck but your skin also peeks out when you raise your arm.  This adds a little playfulness to the look.   I prefer a looser fit trousers for everyday.  Sneakers are always my go-to.  When going out you can easily transition from sneakers to heels and you’re good to go.  I have also branched out and purchased a cream pair for the warmer months. Skinny paper waist pants are another great option.  The combination of the clenched waist and fitted pants are a clear winner.  I have linked a few I have and some that have caught my eye here. Thanks for reading!

Elevating Your Style…The sweatshirt…

Sweatshirts are the unsung heroes of fashion.  A good sweatshirt can transform any look.  I especially love pairing them with leggings, skinny jeans and satin skirts.  Balancing out a baggy top with a more fitted bottom is the look I try to achieve.  I must say though I do enjoy a good matching sweatsuit, I am an 80’s baby after all.  Sweatshirts make fashion more functional, and let’s be honest who doesn’t want to look put together and feel comfortable at the same time?  Ready to look comfortably chic? Pick up a few sweatshirts as they will take you through all the seasons.

How to style: 

Oversized: Best paired with leggings or skinny jeans.  This breaks up the fit.  I like to wear sneakers, boots or mules with this look. 

Cropped: I style with high waisted pants or joggers. 

Hoodie: So many possibilities…but I prefer an oversized mens hoodie with leggings/skinny jeans.  I like to add a tailored jacket or blazer and sneakers or combat boots. 

Tailored: These are more fitted and shorter.  I like to wear these with straight leg or bellbottom jeans.  

All my outfit details are here, along with a few of my other favorite sweatshirts: