Some leggings make you feel superhuman…

Style Faux Patent Leather Leggings

Remember that really dark time in history when leggings weren’t considered pants.  Thank god that’s over.  Are you looking to elevate your everyday black leggings? Well you’re in luck…do read on.  This look encompasses all of my favorite winter essentials.  Faux patent leather leggings, an oversized sweater, a shacket and boots.  This quite simply is my winter style in a nutshell.   I prefer to stay in on long winter nights.  However, when I do have to venture out and look presentable faux leather leggings are the piece I work around.   Every look has a beginning.  For example, I will plan an outfit solely around a pair of shoes and work my way up, literally.  Maybe it’s peculiar but it works for me.  I also read magazines from back to front.  We all have our little quirks.  This season I purchased these leggings and I couldn’t be happier.  I love my faux leather leggings but these faux patent leather leggings are a step up.  I like to call them my ass kicking leggings because I feel like trinity from the Matrix or cat woman .  So here’s the deal, I bought a pair last year from a really great brand but they squeaked when I walked. No matter how amazing they looked I had to return them.  I mean I’m not a rubber duck.  This year I found the pair I’m wearing and I’m happy to report there’s zero squeaking.  I also have to mention the fantastic tummy control.  It’s a win win.  These leggings are on the thicker side but can easily transition to spring during those chilly evenings. So put on your ass kicking leggings whichever ones they are and carpe diem! Thanks so much for reading.  You can find my full outfit details here.

the forecast says snow but I’m dreaming of sunshine…

  I know I know A swimsuit post in February?  Listen, we are about to get what feels like our 10th snow storm of the season tomorrow and well…I’m over it.  I shouldn’t be since I live in the north east but I am.  I enjoy snow up until the end of December when the holiday season is over.  After that I feel like spring should magically appear.  Ah, wishful thinking. We just booked our first family vacation since 2019.  We skipped last year because we had little Asher and I was worried with the pandemic.  Needless to say, I am excited!  Which means I’m planing all my day time outfits aka bathing suits and cover-ups!  

Ok let’s talk swimsuits.  Not a favorite topic of some but you need at least one.   Since I had children I‘ve gravitated towards high waisted bikini bottoms and one piece suits.   Mainly because I can run around, chase them and not have to worry about something coming out of place.   I also love these styles because they give the wearer a nice shape.  Let’s be honest these are just more practical for the town pool or my backyard.  I mean if I were going to Bora Bora I would certainly wear a tiny bikini and not give a damn because I was in paradise.  

The sad truth is these suits will be sold out or back ordered very soon.  They are all priced perfectly.  The last thing I want to do is spend $200 on a bathing suit only to have my kid spill part of his fire cracker ice pop on it.   No thank you.  I personally own four of these suits and love them.  The quality is great and you can’t beat the prices or fast shipping.  So grab a suit before they’re gone and don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen. 

Thanks for reading and take a look at all of my picks here.

Style Lust: Chunky KNits

I like my knits how I like my peanut butter..chunky.   Winter jackets aren’t my favorite but living in the northeast they are a necessity.  Please don’t even get me started with driving with one on.  Think of the kid from A Christmas Story trying to drive an SUV filled with four tiny humans arguing over who get’s to open the garage door first.  This is a true story.  Thinking of it actually gives me hot flashes.  Ah sweet motherhood.  Anyway back to the knits.  Chunky knits replace jackets as soon as it warms up.   A good knit is my saving grace on warmer winter days.  They are the perfect piece to transition from season to season.  Layer an oversized tee with one in the fall.  In the winter you can add a little something extra to your turtleneck.  Going from winter to spring I like to use them as my coat.  Not only are they warm but they are extremely stylish. The Sophistication of the silhouette elevates any look.   I have styled them with joggers, leggings, jeans and slip dresses.  I’ll throw one on when I feel chilly at home.  They go especially well over pj’s.   I have the one I’m wearing in three colors.  I guess you can say I’m a fan. Thanks for reading!

All my knits and more can be found here.

5 Healthy Habits i do daily

Let’s be honest, most of us try our best to live a healthy lifestyle.  I try to incorporate these healthy habits into my daily routine which in turn has made them become part of my life. They may seem small but they are mighty.  I notice a difference when I skip a day or two.  Like many other people by the end of the day I’m tired, I mean like really tired .  Raising 4 kids, trying to nurture them into legit decent humans is tough.  Never in my life did I think it would be this tough but it’s also so rewarding.

  1. Drink water with lemon- Sounds simple enough right?  You would be surprised how many people are not consuming the right amount of water daily.  Below is a little trick I learned to calculate how much water you should be drinking.   I also know a lot of people who don’t enjoy drinking water in general.  I find adding lemon, cucumber, mint give water a nice taste.   Infuse your water with some berries, pineapple or melon.  Most importantly…drink you water!  This water bottle is super helpful to those who forget to drink water! 

Calculating how much water you should drink a day:

  • Take your weight (in pounds) and divide that by 2.2.
  • Multiply that number depending on your age: If you’re younger than 30, multiply by 40. If you’re between 30-55, multiply by 35. If you’re older than 55, multiply by 30.
  • Divide that sum by 28.3.
  • Your total is how many ounces of water you should drink each day. Divide that number by 8 to see your result in cups.
  1. A healthy skincare routine.  This is so important.  Keeping consistent with a skin care routine can keep your skin glowing and if your skin in glowing you are baby.  I have a day time and night time routine and both take under 5 mins.  I don’t have time for too many steps but I always do a cleanser, serum, eye cream, moisturizer and neck cream.  My day and night products are linked here.  Oh and I never ever forget sunscreen!  The serums I use are pricey but they are the best and worth every penny If you can swing it. 






Eye Cream








Neck Cream 

  1. Carve out 30 minutes of “me” time.  This is usually when I have my afternoon cup of coffee or tea.  I like to use this time for exercising but sometimes I just need to relax. I start with a quick few minutes of stretching.  You’ll be surprised at how fantastic a good stretch makes you feel.  Speaking of me time this could mean getting lost in a rabbit hole search of the new Targaryen series or looking for our next vacation.  Having a few minutes solitude helps me collect my thoughts for the rest of the day.  I will either set the kids up with an activity or put on a show.   As moms there should be no shame for turning on the tv or allowing them their tablet for short periods of time.  Mamma needs her time too.   
  1. Fresh air.  This is so important.  Even on the coldest of days we are going out for at least a half hour.  Ever feel off or aggravated?  Go for a walk.  I read somewhere that fresh air can reset your mood. See what a world of good it can do. 
  1. Unwind with a book and a warm beverage before bed.  I’ve been cutting out television before bed and upping my reading game. I’ve noticed how much better I’ve been sleeping. I try to read for at least 20 mins before bed.  This calms my mind and helps me unwind.  I always enjoy a cup of tea while I read.  The whole process is just relaxing to me and by the end of the day I’m looking forward to it.  This tea has has been a favorite of mine and really helps me unwind.  I also love these mugs

My last bit, give yourself grace.  It’s been a rough year.  Scarlett O’Hara said it best “tomorrow is another day”.  We aren’t perfect and that’s ok.  Making small changes can have big results.  These specific healthy habits may not work for you but I think getting into some sort of routine is great start.  Wishing you a happy and healthy Sunday friends.  

Ive added links throughout this post but if you like to see everything in one place you can here.  While you are there you can give a “follow” so I pop up on your feed.  Happy Sunday friends. 


a shacket…but what is it?

How to style a shacket

First time I heard the word shacket I thought to respond with…god bless you.   You may be asking yourself the same question…what exactly is a shacket?  Ready for it?  It’s well a cross between a shirt and a jacket. It’s longer and thick enough to pass for a jacket but can also be worn as part of the outfit opposed to a jacket which one takes off.  So it’s essentially a shirt-jacket. I know very deep and philosophical.  I know everyone feels better now that they know.  I was hesitant to try the trend mainly because I’m really not that into plaid and early on that seemed to be all that was available.  I do have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the print and the fit of the one I’m wearing.  This guy was perfect in the fall when I didn’t really need a heavy jacket.  Now that the weather is colder I’ll layer it with my winter jacket.  However, I’m really not going anywhere these days so I find myself wearing shackets around the house to keep myself warm and stylish. Or over over my pj’s on Sundays 🙂  

So why do I like shackets?  One of the main reasons is their ability to layer so well.  My personal favorite way to style these are with a hoodie and leggings.  I have to admit that I’m now a fan of plaid prints.  They take a plain outfit and add a pop of color.  I will always gravitate towards neutral tones but there are so many color options out there.    When it gets a tad warmer I plan on wearing this same outfit but swap the leggings for a leather skirt and of course keep the sneaks.  

I see this trend continuing to be popular going into spring.  A cream colored shacket would be a perfect transitional piece.   Or even a light plaid or dare I say pastel plaid?  Yes, those do sound lovely.  Excuse me while I “add to cart” right now 🙂 

My outfit details along with a few other shackets are linked here

Let’s talk Skinny Jeans

Let’s talk skinny jeans

Ok, let’s talk the skinny…skinny jeans that is.  Having short legs makes me a big fan of them. Plus hemming jeans is just well annoying.  Who has time for that?  However, I vowed this year I would learn how.  I feel like it’s a good skill to possess.  You know like knowing how to change a tire…which I also have no idea how to do.  I should start compiling a list… 

Most of my favorite skinny jeans come in petite length and in the word’s of Goldie…they are just right!  Don’t worry all my long legged friends most also come in “long”.  The real game changer though is when skinny jeans became high waisted.  I feel like that’s when everyones dreams came true.  Ah it’s the little things.  High waisted skinny jeans give the appearance of even longer leaner legs.  Especially paired with a cropped shirt and a shoe with a little height.  

When looking for jeans I want a pair that’s going to last me for years. Let’s be honest, shopping for jeans isn’t a favorite. I’m sharing some of the jeans I really like and have lasted long with many wears. So pull up a seat and prepare to slide into your new favorite skinny jeans.

I’ve linked a few of my favorites here.

Edgy Chic…styling the graphic tee…

Styling the Graphic Tee

Graphic tees have been around for a long time but it seems they have gotten more popular over the past few years and I’m here for it. I absolutely love a good graphic tee.  They are one of my favorite ways to spice up almost any outfit.  They are so versatile.  A good graphic tee can be used to dress down outfits or add a little something extra to joggers and leggings. I mean the possibilities are really endless.  There are tons and tons of graphic tees out there so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that speaks to you.  I personally love 80’s band tee’s but I saw this one I’m wearing and loved it.  I swear I was born in the wrong decade.  Normally I’ll buy an oversized graphic tee or just get them from the mens section so I can wear them with leggings.  In the winter I’ll throw a thermal on underneath and I’m good to go.  With this look I decided to “dress up” my tee.  I paired it with my favorite skinny jeans, boots and a blazer.   In the warmer months I will pair graphic tees with satin skirts and sneakers.  There are so many ways to style a graphic tee.  They are the perfect way to make any outfit look edgy chic.

You can find my outfit details here.

A Peek into my closet…boots

Here they are in all their glory! My most worn boots of the season. If you follow me on Instagram you will likely recognize some.  What can I say…I’m a creature of habit.  I absolutely love all these boots…why? Because I’ve worn them so much. None of them were impulse buys. 

Ok maybe a few were but they turned into great impulse buys 😉 that being said, I’m guilty of impulse buying and way more frequently this past year.  I’m a stress shopper 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think I redecorated my whole house in lockdown.  Anyway, back to boots!  I tend to buy one pair of boots a season.  Then I’ll always add a pair of Ugg’s on my Christmas list.  I like to buy boots that are classic and will transfer into next years style.  Quality above all is what I look for.  If I had to pick a favorite out of these it would have to be the Dr. Martens. They are by far my most worn boots. They are also soooo durable. Plus they give me some height and make my legs appear longer and leaner.  When I have these baby’s on I’m ready to take on the world.  However, all my other boots here are a close second. I especially love the Vince Camuto boots because they are very similar to the Chanel quilted boots at a fraction of the price. I’ve also heard they are more comfortable. Which is a win.  The shearling boots are so stylish and warm I had to get them. They are just ascetically pleasing and add a cute pop of style to any look.  I needed new winter boots this year so I went with Sorel because they are known for their durability. They are fur lined and keep my feet dry and warm.  I got these cute UGG boots for the boys last year and loved them! I love being able to match with them and as a boy mom shoes are the best way. Plus these boots are so easy to style and are a nice break from the traditional UGG boot.  I also couldn’t resist these UGGs.  I loved the laces!  Shoes have always been my thing and I couldn’t walk away from these when I saw them! 

Now you’ve had a peek in to my shoe closet! I’ve linked all these boots here and you can also take a look at my favorite ways to style them. 

Pajama sets that are perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day…

Spoiler Alert: This isn’t a lingerie post. I can barely tolerate underwire unless it’s absolutely necessary. Pajama sets? Now you’re speaking my language. I’ve been planning on writing a post of my favorites. What better time than Valentine’s Day? I get into my pajamas relatively early these days so a chic pair of PJ’s makes me feel better about it. Sundays are usually pajama days so if I can be cute and comfy I am all for it. I personally prefer long sleeve sets in the winter but I do know a lot of people who like to wear shorts to bed so I took the liberty of rounding up some really cute sets. Who says pajama sets can’t be sexy? I beg to differ, it’s all about the material. I have sets linked with crushed velvet, satin and of course soft as butter cotton. We can’t forget slippers and a super comfy blanket now can we?

You can find all these beauties right here

Mom Jeans Reinvented…

Mom jeans, not a term usually associated with a positive image.  What comes to mind when I think of mom jeans? A woman in the 80’s with high high waisted light blue jeans that have a huge long zipper.  Not exactly an image of beauty. Never did I think I would wear high waisted jeans let alone high waisted mom jeans.  You have to remember, low rise jeans were all the rave when I was in high school and college.  Oh do I mean low. Think Christina Aguilera and Britany Spears low…You couldn’t get much lower than that without being X rated.   Fast forward a few plus years and all I own are high waisted denim.   I think I own maybe one pair of mid-rise jeans and that’s the lowest I will go these days.  I have mostly high waisted skinny jeans. However, I also have bell bottoms, but that’s a post for a different day 🙂  Can we be honest  for a minute? Very few jeans withstand the all day long test.  Jeans are second to bras with woman.  Come home rip off the bra and then the jeans.  Ah sweet comfort.   

I was always hesitant to try the mom jean trend that’s been creeping up these past few years.  Mainly because I’m on the shorter side (5’3”).  I was afraid they would make me look frumpy. I decided to take the plunge when Abercrombie was having one of their amazing denim sales and I’m glad I did!  They are officially one of me favorite pairs of jeans.  They are high waisted and have a relaxed fit throughout the legs.  Which makes them soooo much better to wear throughout the whole day. 

These have definitely become a staple in my wardrobe and I can’t wait to style them in all of the seasons.   Right now my favorite way to wear them is with a sweater or fitted turtle neck.  They would be cute with a cropped sweater as well.  So put on your best pair of mom jeans and go on with your bad self!

The details of my look can be found here