Matchy Matchy

Matching sets for the spring and summer

Matching sets are making quite the impression.  From track suits to short sets they are all over the place.  I’m not going to lie, if there’s a way to cut corners on picking an outfit, I’m all for it.   Monochromatic color palettes have been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years, specifically in the neutral tones.  However, with spring upon us we are now seeing pops of brighter colors as well. This is a great way to incorporate color into ones wardrobe. Oh and the florals! Let’s not forget about my previous post that touched on floral prints.  I prefer a softer print like the one I’m wearing to create that flirty, feminine look.  There is a vast range of sets from ultra casual terrycloth to extra luxe silks, but have no fear if being super matchy isn’t your thing.  The beauty of a matching set is that they are usually sold separately.  For example I bought this tie dye sweatshirt and not the matching sweats.  I felt like it was a bit too much for me.  Bottom line, matching sets provide you with an almost complete outfit.  All you have to worry about are your accessories.  Have you tried the trend yet?  Well what are you waiting for?  I’ve compiled some really cute sets here.  Thanks for reading. 

Sunny Days

Sunglasses for all

Ah sunglasses how I love thee so.  Some people can’t have enough phone cases, others lipglosses but for me it’s sunglasses.  I have always loved sunglasses, even as a little girl I remember flocking to the sunglass section while my mom shopped at Mandee (hey ya dating myself here).   Sunglasses are such a fun way to play around with your look. Not to mention they are used for so much more than blotting out the sun. Wake up late and have no time for make-up? Boom sunglasses. Want people to stay away from you in the store? Boom sunglasses? Hungover and have to look presentable? Boom sunglasses. There are so many affordable options that I have little to no buyers remorse when purchasing sunnies.  I can’t choose a favorite because I go through phases.  One minute I’m all about oversized, the next it’s cat-eye and wham heart-shaped.   After doing some research I learned that certain face shapes are flattered by certain sunglasses.  I’m not sure how much I buy into this but here’s what I have picked up along the way. 

Round:  Best glasses are rectangle, square and shield type glasses. 

Square:  Best glasses round, aviators, oval or circular curves. 

Oval:  You guys luck out.  Pretty much any shape is flattering. 

Heart: Best glasses are cat-eye, avatar, shield or rimless glasses. 

Listen, I tend to pick glasses that I’m drawn to and I am sure I look silly in some of my sunnies.  The real question is, do I care? Nope 😉  I have linked some of my favorite sunnies that all happen to be priced just right. Take a look and here’s to a lot of sunny days ahead!  

Thanks for reading!

Fruits and Floral Prints

Styling floral and fruit print dresses.

You may be noticing a lot of prints this season. Specifically florals and fruit like pops of cherries, bright lemons and pretty pink florals.  It’s interesting how these styles and our own have evolved over time.  You might even say I would have steered away from these in the past. However, I now find that these prints tend to be the right touch of feminine and delicate and are also lovely to play around with.  Mixing feminine dresses with sneakers happens to be a favorite of mine.  Topping a floral blouse with a leather jacket adds the right bit of edgy to an outfit.  There are so many possibilities.  

Growing up with four older brothers my mother was determined to get a bow in my hair. So much so that when I was born she tapped one on due to the fact that all I had was peach fuzz, true story.   Even with growing up with all those boys and being a bit of a tomboy my mother never let me leave the house in a mismatched outfit or without my bow. I’d be playing with all the boys but dressed to impress. It’s funny how life works. I am still playing with the boys, my four boys, and doing it in style.  Back to the fruit and florals.  These prints are reminiscent of the 90’s.  I remember watching Clueless and dreaming that I had Cher’s closet app.  She had her clothes cataloged on a computer and then like at a dry cleaners she pressed a button and poof, here they were.  

I’ve learned a few things over the years.  One of them being to step out of your comfort zone.  For me that’s exploring prints that wouldn’t normally catch my eye.  For someone else it could be trying a new bright lip color.  Remember there are no rules for your own personal style.  Have fun with it and take a risk.
Thanks for reading and as always my outfit details and some more goodies are linked here

Sandals Galore

Spring and summer sandal picks

Spring and summer sandal styles

 Last year I skipped over purchasing sandals since well we weren’t going anywhere.  This year I’ve made up for it and then some 🙂  Most of my sandals have used up their miles and therefore were ready to be replaced.  When shopping for sandals I like to play around with different styles and colors.  Square toe seems to be making a big statement this year. I like the design because they are extremely comfortable and add a little sophistication to any outfit.  I love any kind of sandal with a little metallic color (these are my pick) or prints.  For example, I snagged these snake print colorful sandals the other day.  I mean you can’t beat the price point.  Plus metallic sandals can easily dress up any outfit. I mostly look for cute, flat everyday sandals but I did need to add a pair of sandals with a heel to my collection and these are fantastic.  Plus they are very comfortable, I wore them every evening out on our trip to Florida last month. In fact, I loved them so much I bought them in two colors.   Having a sandal to slip on and off my the pool was a must for me.  I picked these slides but these are similar and at a better price point.   Most of the sandals I own have lasted many years and I see all of these doing the same. 

I have rounded up all of them in one place here.  Thanks for reading! 

Pops of Color for The Spring

Spring lip colors

Lipstick to the face is like jewelry to the body.  It’s the easiest way to elevate any look.  When you read “pops of color” maybe you thought I was referring to the current floral print trend.  I’m talking lips people, lots of lip colors.  I’m rounding up my favorite lipsticks/balms to get you through the warmer months while by adding a little glam to your make up routine.  

If I’m feeling a bit blah I’ll put on a pretty lip color and I’m ready to conquer the day.   In all seriousness, there’s just something about a bold lip that makes me me powerful and confident.   Lip colors have come such a long way.  Now more than ever there are so many brands and color options that everyone should be able to find colors they love.  Also, I don’t have to be dressed up to sport a bold lip.  I’ll be in joggers and a tank yet I’ll add a pink lip.  Lip color has always been a way for me to express my style.  Think of lipstick as a mood ring.  Let it express how you’re feeling.   Scroll down for my favorite colors of the season.

Bold: This is the lipstick I’m wearing on my photo 💋 I just purchased it from the Sephora sale and I love how it’s not red but a bright and bold intense pink red.  I don’t put a lot on because a little goes a loooong way.  What I do is dab a little on then smooth my lips with my finger to create a more warmed up look. The color is THREE WISE GIRLS

Peach: This is my favorite peachy tone.  I love wearing this guy lounging by the pool.  It’s antioxidant and moisture rich formula is such a great combination during the warmer months. It also has a hint of peppermint oil that adds the perfect amount of tinkle! The color is APRICOT

Pink: Looking for the perfect coral pink? Here you go! This satin lip matte cream lipstick is also a favorite.  I’ve been using these lip creams for 3 + years. They stay put and have such a creamy soft finish. This shade is perfect for the spring and summer.  I will say if you lips are super dry you may want to add a little chapstick beforehand.  You will notice the creases. The color is SAN PAULO

Mauve: love me some mauve lips. This lip balm plumps without the tinkle and adds the perfect amount of color that’s buildable.  I also love the chubby stick. This is one of my favorite on the go lip balms. The color is DOLLY FEVER

Red: I couldn’t leave out my favorite red. This red is my OG. No matter how many reds I’ve tried this one will always be “the one”. It is a true red, no hints of orange or pinks. Plus the formula is fantastic, minimal if any reapplying. The color is BESO

Thanks so much for reading. As always you can find all of these products in one please right here.

Stack & Layered Jewerly

Stacking and layering jewelry is one of the easiest ways to elevate any look. From joggers to formal wear, it’s no secret that the best way to accessorize is by adding jewelry. Entering the warmer months you will see lots of layered jewelry with swimsuits. Jewelry for me has been one of the most important ways to express myself.

Most of us have a piece of jewelry that we simply won’t take off. In my case It’s my evil eye necklace. Given to me by my in-laws after one of their summers in Greece. This trinket not only holds sentimental value but also completely embodies my jewelry style. An evil eye or mati in greek is believed to bring good luck and protect the wearer from ill-willed negative thoughts directed towards you. Religious and cultural jewelry have always been part of my life and I aim to incorporate them into my personal style anyway I can.

I’ve always been drawn to gold jewelry over silver. But I do like mixing metals as well. For example, my engagement ring is a gold band with a white gold basket. I will stack gold and silver bracelets as well as layer gold and silver necklaces. Layering allows you to wear more than one piece of jewelry that you like. Here are a few tips to creating a seamless layered look.

One:  Number of necklaces to layer.  I try to limit layering to no more than three necklaces.  More than that and the look goes messy.  I will add three necklaces over my evil eye since I never take it off.

Two: Length of the chains. This is a big one. You want to create a look where all the necklaces are about 2 inches apart. Notice the handy chart I included 🖤

Necklace Lengths I prefer:





Three:  Prevent the tangling chains by mixing different types of chains.  For example I love mixing chunky chains with dainty chains.  Lastly, there so are many pre-layered necklaces out there.  If the thought of picking necklaces intimidates you or you simply don’t have the time these are a great option.   Pop one necklace on that looks like three. 

Bottom line, jewelry like clothing is another way to express yourself. There’s no rule, no right way. So grab some necklaces and elevate that look. I have linked some good ones here. Thanks for reading!

My Am & Pm SkinCare Routine Broken Down

AM & PM Skincare Routine

Who knew skincare could be so complicated?  Gone are the days of simple face wash and cream.  We now have serums and beauty elixirs made from the blood of unicorns.  Ok fine maybe they aren’t that extra but some products available are a bit much.   My grandmother believes dove soap and cooking with olive oil is the best skincare routine. She may be onto something because she’s 90 years young and maybe has one wrinkle. Most mornings I’m in a rush and by the evenings my exhaustion kicks in right as I put my last son to bed.  Bottom line people, I needed a fast, easy and effective skincare routine.   I’m here to break down all the products I use.  As I type this I do realize I use a lot of products.  However, I promise the process takes about 5 minutes tops.  I am listing the products in the order I use them. Let’s dive in.


Cleanser:  This cleanser is my ride or die.  It leaves my skin feeling so clean. It smells fresh and soapy.  It’s not referred to as the cult classic for nothing. 

Toner: Love this toner.  It removes any impurities from my pours. It sets my skin up for the next steps.

Serum:  If you add one thing to your skincare routine from this post make it this serum.  Vitamin C is so important for your skin and this bad boy brightens your skin, smooths lines and helps protect against all the unpleasant things we find in the environment.   

Moisturizer: I’ve been using this one for over a year and it has vitamin C and is extremely brightening.

Eye cream:  Hands down my favorite brightening eye cream.  I’ve used it for over a year and I have seen a dramatic difference in dark circles.

Sunscreen: Girls, never miss this step.  It is SO important.  Even on the days where I put on a tinted moistures that has SPF in it I will not skip this step!   I love the little shimmer this one gives and it smells like vacation.  I’ll put it on and pretend I’m on a beach.  Hey, a girl can dream.  

Lip Balm: We can’t forget to protect those lips.  I have like 10 of these lip balms scattered around my house, purses and car.  Absolute favorite. 


So I will be a little extra at night.   When I’m wearing make-up I double cleanse my face.

Cleansing balm: I like to remove my make-up using a cleansing balm opposed to wipes. Mainly because the wipes usually never worked and I would wake up with mascara under my eyes. I have tried a few others before I found this one.  They usually left my eyes burning and blurry.  This one is fantastic as I use an almond sized amount and it not only removes all my make up but doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. It’s a tad pricey but it will you a while. 

Cleanser: Same as the morning.  

Toner: Same as the morning.

Serum:  This serum has been referred to as “botox in a bottle” and it lives up to the name.  It’s my favorite and I will never stop incorporating this serum into my routine.  

Moisturizer: This super rich cream is perfect. Thanks to my 19 year old niece for introducing me to this clean and affordable brand.  I have a few things from this brand and I really like them all. 

Eye Cream: I need some extra moisture at night and this eye cream fits the bill.  

Neck and Décolleté Balm: Yeah I said it.  I’m no longer a spring chicken and I’m all about being proactive with skin care. This guy fits the bill.

Now that I laid out what I use daily I’m going to sprinkle on some of my extras.  

The Extras:

Eye Patches: Love these to lift and firm. Love these to brighten.

Clay Mask: This one shrinks my pours right up

Exfoliating/Brightening Mask:  For when I need to add some glow into my skin. I’ll use this one.  

Sheet Masks: Sheet masks have become a favorite of mine. Zero clean up.  This one I love because of how hydrated it makes my skin feel. This one is I use when I want some brightening.

Exfoliator: So I like to feel an exfoliate to know it’s working.  This one is more has more grit to it.   I use it about 3 times a week.

Overnight peel:  I’ll use this 1-2 times a week.  

Retinol Serum- I will use this 3 times a week at night.  

Headband:  I just ordered these cute spa headbands to keep my hair out of my face.  I couldn’t resist the price and the cuteness. 

There you have it.  All my skincare broken down in writing for your reading pleasure. I’ll leave you all with two tips that I live by when it comes to skincare.  ONE: drink water, drink as much water as you think you need then add like four glasses.  Beautiful skin comes from within. Two: I can’t stress this enough NEVER EVER sleep with make up on.   Thanks so much for reading. I’ve linked all my products here in one place. 

Spring Dresses

Spring dresses 2021

What’s better then throwing on a sundress on a warm spring day? My style has definitely evolved over the years.  For starters I’m no longer working in a corporate setting that requires a dress code.  These days I chase around 4 little guys which limits my every day clothing choices.  With that being said I still enjoy a lovely sundress. They are just so effortlessly easy to style. I just have to be a little more conscious about the ones I choose and how I style them. When picking clothing, especially dresses I am looking for a few key components.   

Versatility:  If I can’t think of three ways to wear a piece I’m not buying it. An everyday dress must be adaptable and prepared for any situation.

Fit & Length:  Length is an important factor when picking a dress.   Maxi dresses are beautiful but also dangerous for those on the shorter side.  I’m still in the “wait, don’t touch that” phase with my kids which means I need to be able to move fast without tripping on material.  Same goes for shorter dresses.  One wrong move and everyone gets a show. 

Material:  I tend to gravitate towards lighter weight looser fitting dresses for everyday. It absolutely has to be machine washable.  I have zero time to bring anything to the dry cleaners. Not to mention I usually forget to pick my things up. Come to think of it, I’m fairly certain I have a duvet sitting at the dry cleaners right now. Ugh, see my point.

I like to pick up a few new dresses for the season. Most are usually very cost efficient as with the weather comes lots of outdoor activities which can get pretty messy! However, If the occasion calls for it I will splurge on a piece. I have linked the dress I’m wearing (which I also got in yellow) and a few others that will be perfect for the warmer weather here. Thanks for reading.

A modern Take on a Classic

How to style a white button down.

The white button down shirt is one of the most underrated pieces of fashion. I’ll admit, growing up it wasn’t the shirt I reached for the most when looking in my closet. Over the years I’ve learned that the make or break components to a great button down shirt are fabric and fit. Lets face it, if you’re wearing a piece of uncomfortable clothing are you going to reach for that bad boy in the future? Believe me, I am all about pairing affordable and splurge worthy finds. However, when it comes to a white button down i’m investing in a few good quality ones. I’m not saying you have to spend a small fortune but quality over quantity most certainly applies in this case.

There’s something about a collared shirt that adds a sense of sophistication and polish to any look. I automatically feel like I’m elevating my style when I throw one on. Can we talk about how versatile they are? One of my favorite ways to style is half tucked in with joggers and sneakers. They are the absolute best layering pieces. I love to pop one under a sweater. Leave the sleeves unbuttoned for a more casual look. Wearing one unbuttoned over a silk slip dress is another great option. In the summer a light weight boyfriend button down can be worn as a cover-up. I love to belt an oversized button down and wear it with over the knee boots. You can’t go wrong with a pair of tailored denim, it’s always a classic look. You never know the places a white button down can take you. I’ve linked the one I’m wearing as well as a few others here.

Paper Bag Waisted Pants

This trend has been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years and I am 100% here for it. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning as I’m on the shorter side with short legs. I’m all torso over here.  I was afraid I’d look a bit frumpy with the cut of the pants. I initially tried paper bag waisted shorts to calm my nerves over the wide legged fit of the pants. If I liked the way the shorts looked I could find a pant that would work as well. The short were a winner so I decided to go big or go home and purchase some pants.  To my delight I also loved them.  Keep in mind paper bag waists can be tricky to style. With the high waist being clenched and not smooth like a traditional high rise you can run into a issue on what tops look best. The clenched waist design gives the illusion of a smaller waist and lets be honest gals, who wouldn’t take that? A fitted top that can be tucked in is a great option. When trying to achieve this type of look I always turn towards body suits. They create a seamless look. This avoids looking frumpy.  Next I like to wear them with cropped tops that allow a little tuck but your skin also peeks out when you raise your arm.  This adds a little playfulness to the look.   I prefer a looser fit trousers for everyday.  Sneakers are always my go-to.  When going out you can easily transition from sneakers to heels and you’re good to go.  I have also branched out and purchased a cream pair for the warmer months. Skinny paper waist pants are another great option.  The combination of the clenched waist and fitted pants are a clear winner.  I have linked a few I have and some that have caught my eye here. Thanks for reading!