avata.jpgWelcome to Ashli & Company, if you haven’t already guessed my name is Ashli. I’m a thirty something mama from New Jersey. I have three amazing boys! I’m married to the man of my dreams and I have two fur babies.  Before I became a stay at home mommy I worked in corporate and real estate.  I’m a fashion, food, coffee and wine enthusiast who is trying to survive mommy hood and daily life in the suburban jungle.

What’s this blog about?

Well pretty much anything! I’ll be sharing recipes, fashion and beauty finds, my mommy adventures, products I love! Anything goes! It could get pretty wild…

Why did I start a blog?

I’m a stay at home mom which can get pretty hectic at times.  Blogging serves as a creative outlet for myself.  Whether it be sharing a great new recipe or must have fashion piece.  This is my place and it feels nice.

How often will I blog?

Whenever I get the time!

Thanks for stopping by!


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