Stack & Layered Jewerly

Stacking and layering jewelry is one of the easiest ways to elevate any look. From joggers to formal wear, it’s no secret that the best way to accessorize is by adding jewelry. Entering the warmer months you will see lots of layered jewelry with swimsuits. Jewelry for me has been one of the most important ways to express myself.

Most of us have a piece of jewelry that we simply won’t take off. In my case It’s my evil eye necklace. Given to me by my in-laws after one of their summers in Greece. This trinket not only holds sentimental value but also completely embodies my jewelry style. An evil eye or mati in greek is believed to bring good luck and protect the wearer from ill-willed negative thoughts directed towards you. Religious and cultural jewelry have always been part of my life and I aim to incorporate them into my personal style anyway I can.

I’ve always been drawn to gold jewelry over silver. But I do like mixing metals as well. For example, my engagement ring is a gold band with a white gold basket. I will stack gold and silver bracelets as well as layer gold and silver necklaces. Layering allows you to wear more than one piece of jewelry that you like. Here are a few tips to creating a seamless layered look.

One:  Number of necklaces to layer.  I try to limit layering to no more than three necklaces.  More than that and the look goes messy.  I will add three necklaces over my evil eye since I never take it off.

Two: Length of the chains. This is a big one. You want to create a look where all the necklaces are about 2 inches apart. Notice the handy chart I included 🖤

Necklace Lengths I prefer:





Three:  Prevent the tangling chains by mixing different types of chains.  For example I love mixing chunky chains with dainty chains.  Lastly, there so are many pre-layered necklaces out there.  If the thought of picking necklaces intimidates you or you simply don’t have the time these are a great option.   Pop one necklace on that looks like three. 

Bottom line, jewelry like clothing is another way to express yourself. There’s no rule, no right way. So grab some necklaces and elevate that look. I have linked some good ones here. Thanks for reading!

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