A quick Gift guide for Valentine’s Day

In the words of my grandmother…there’s no wrong way to give a gift, as long as it comes from the heart. Some people go extravagant and some people go minimal. Same goes for us, some years we go big and some years we forget all together. One year I found myself running into Walgreens for a KitKat heart and a card after school drop off. Hey, its reality which somehow balances itself off. I can’t say exactly what I got Michael this year because like a good husband, he reads my blog posts. I will say it’s something from this guide. I compiled together gifts that range from extravagant to simple. I had more time this year to realize that Valentine’s Day was approaching since that’s really all we have on our hands, time. I’ve included two mini guides as I like to call them. There’s nothing worse than being overwhelmed with a ton of choices if you do happen to be pressed for time.  Most of these are next day shipping or even available for curbside pick up depending on your location.  One thing I will say is, don’t forget something sweet for your sweetheart. Remember most drugstores are open 24hrs and carry an array of cute Valentine’s Day candy. Have a partner who is clueless?  Give them the hint and send this post on over!

Gifts For Her

Card Case | Hydration Trio | Gypsy Water | Diffuser | Wine Cooler | Pajama’s | Initial Necklace | Wine Glasses | Purse | Bracelet | Slippers

Gifts For Him

Hoodie| Cologne | Bracelet | Whiskey Set | Wallet | Neck Massager | Joggers | Sneakers | Robe | Candy

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