To be honest…my husband and I rarely go out on Valentines’ Day.  We prefer to stay home, but we do like to make it special.  With everything that has transpired this past year I am just extremely thankful to have a partner that I didn’t want to off during lockdown.  All jokes aside, this pandemic has taught me to appreciate what I have.  That being said, Mike and I like to have romantic little date nights (in) every once in a while to A: keep the spark alive and B: show our appreciation for each other.  

If you are staying in I have come up with a few ideas to help you celebrate.  Before I get to the good stuff I have to say, have fun with it.  Don’t sweat the the little things.  The evening doesn’t have to be perfect and if you don’t have a “Valentine” this year…who cares?  All this can easily be done with friends 🙂 I mean one can also enjoy champagne and chocolate by oneself while watching an awesome movie with take out.  So whether it’s alone, with friends or your partner.  Enjoy the day and make sure you love yourself first. Plus if you have children, you can’t forget about those little Valentine’s. The dragons are happy with Reese’s PB hearts.

A few little tips:

Set the mood:  If you decide to eat at the table make it romantic.  I like to set the table with our wedding china and crystal when Mike and I have a date nights in.  I will always add candles and fresh flowers.  But this year I’m thinking of setting up a picnic style dinner in the living room.  I like to use my favorite barefoot dreams blanket because it’s super cozy.  Serve the food on trays to prevent any spills plus they make dinner less formal, these trays are perfect and add such a rustic touch.  If you have a fireplace don’t forget to light that baby up!

The Food- Order out!  We usually order from our favorite steak house and mix up some cocktails.  I would call a week or so before to see if you have to place your order ahead of time since this it’s a busy day for restaurants.  Plus this is another great opportunity to support local businesses. We will most like mix up some dirty martini’s. I love these stemless glasses and this shaker with drink measurements on it! They are such a game changers.

Dessert-  Well dessert is a must.  Make it fun, we will definitely be using this chocolate fountain.  

Entertainment- Clue remains to be one of my favorite board games so when I found this one I was super excited to try! card games or some Scrabble for all you intellectuals out there.  I like this set because you can fold it up for easy storage and travel. I’m also not opposed to a good action flick or just throw on some Bridgerton.  That should put anyone in the mood…

What to Wear– I can see myself wearing one of these outfits.  A pretty “house dress” as I like to call them.  A lace bodysuit and skinny jeans or going total going total comfort (which I feel is going to happen) in joggers and this cute sweatshirt.  Whatever I decide I know that I will 100% be wearing a red lip and I just love this one. The color is sunset orange. I think that’s the beauty of staying home…you can wear whatever you want. 

Valentines day per-say isn’t really my thing but spending a special evening with the person I love the most is.  So mix up some cocktails and celebrate love, any kind of love xo. 

I’ve linked all my favorites here xo

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