a shacket…but what is it?

How to style a shacket

First time I heard the word shacket I thought to respond with…god bless you.   You may be asking yourself the same question…what exactly is a shacket?  Ready for it?  It’s well a cross between a shirt and a jacket. It’s longer and thick enough to pass for a jacket but can also be worn as part of the outfit opposed to a jacket which one takes off.  So it’s essentially a shirt-jacket. I know very deep and philosophical.  I know everyone feels better now that they know.  I was hesitant to try the trend mainly because I’m really not that into plaid and early on that seemed to be all that was available.  I do have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the print and the fit of the one I’m wearing.  This guy was perfect in the fall when I didn’t really need a heavy jacket.  Now that the weather is colder I’ll layer it with my winter jacket.  However, I’m really not going anywhere these days so I find myself wearing shackets around the house to keep myself warm and stylish. Or over over my pj’s on Sundays 🙂  

So why do I like shackets?  One of the main reasons is their ability to layer so well.  My personal favorite way to style these are with a hoodie and leggings.  I have to admit that I’m now a fan of plaid prints.  They take a plain outfit and add a pop of color.  I will always gravitate towards neutral tones but there are so many color options out there.    When it gets a tad warmer I plan on wearing this same outfit but swap the leggings for a leather skirt and of course keep the sneaks.  

I see this trend continuing to be popular going into spring.  A cream colored shacket would be a perfect transitional piece.   Or even a light plaid or dare I say pastel plaid?  Yes, those do sound lovely.  Excuse me while I “add to cart” right now 🙂 

My outfit details along with a few other shackets are linked here

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