Let’s talk Skinny Jeans

Let’s talk skinny jeans

Ok, let’s talk the skinny…skinny jeans that is.  Having short legs makes me a big fan of them. Plus hemming jeans is just well annoying.  Who has time for that?  However, I vowed this year I would learn how.  I feel like it’s a good skill to possess.  You know like knowing how to change a tire…which I also have no idea how to do.  I should start compiling a list… 

Most of my favorite skinny jeans come in petite length and in the word’s of Goldie…they are just right!  Don’t worry all my long legged friends most also come in “long”.  The real game changer though is when skinny jeans became high waisted.  I feel like that’s when everyones dreams came true.  Ah it’s the little things.  High waisted skinny jeans give the appearance of even longer leaner legs.  Especially paired with a cropped shirt and a shoe with a little height.  

When looking for jeans I want a pair that’s going to last me for years. Let’s be honest, shopping for jeans isn’t a favorite. I’m sharing some of the jeans I really like and have lasted long with many wears. So pull up a seat and prepare to slide into your new favorite skinny jeans.

I’ve linked a few of my favorites here.

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