A Peek into my closet…boots

Here they are in all their glory! My most worn boots of the season. If you follow me on Instagram you will likely recognize some.  What can I say…I’m a creature of habit.  I absolutely love all these boots…why? Because I’ve worn them so much. None of them were impulse buys. 

Ok maybe a few were but they turned into great impulse buys 😉 that being said, I’m guilty of impulse buying and way more frequently this past year.  I’m a stress shopper 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think I redecorated my whole house in lockdown.  Anyway, back to boots!  I tend to buy one pair of boots a season.  Then I’ll always add a pair of Ugg’s on my Christmas list.  I like to buy boots that are classic and will transfer into next years style.  Quality above all is what I look for.  If I had to pick a favorite out of these it would have to be the Dr. Martens. They are by far my most worn boots. They are also soooo durable. Plus they give me some height and make my legs appear longer and leaner.  When I have these baby’s on I’m ready to take on the world.  However, all my other boots here are a close second. I especially love the Vince Camuto boots because they are very similar to the Chanel quilted boots at a fraction of the price. I’ve also heard they are more comfortable. Which is a win.  The shearling boots are so stylish and warm I had to get them. They are just ascetically pleasing and add a cute pop of style to any look.  I needed new winter boots this year so I went with Sorel because they are known for their durability. They are fur lined and keep my feet dry and warm.  I got these cute UGG boots for the boys last year and loved them! I love being able to match with them and as a boy mom shoes are the best way. Plus these boots are so easy to style and are a nice break from the traditional UGG boot.  I also couldn’t resist these UGGs.  I loved the laces!  Shoes have always been my thing and I couldn’t walk away from these when I saw them! 

Now you’ve had a peek in to my shoe closet! I’ve linked all these boots here and you can also take a look at my favorite ways to style them. 

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