Pajama sets that are perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day…

Spoiler Alert: This isn’t a lingerie post. I can barely tolerate underwire unless it’s absolutely necessary. Pajama sets? Now you’re speaking my language. I’ve been planning on writing a post of my favorites. What better time than Valentine’s Day? I get into my pajamas relatively early these days so a chic pair of PJ’s makes me feel better about it. Sundays are usually pajama days so if I can be cute and comfy I am all for it. I personally prefer long sleeve sets in the winter but I do know a lot of people who like to wear shorts to bed so I took the liberty of rounding up some really cute sets. Who says pajama sets can’t be sexy? I beg to differ, it’s all about the material. I have sets linked with crushed velvet, satin and of course soft as butter cotton. We can’t forget slippers and a super comfy blanket now can we?

You can find all these beauties right here

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