The secret to the best oversized shirts…the mens section…

One of my ride or die outfits has always been leggings with a cozy oversized top. However, I couldn’t find “the one”.  Low and behold…it was in the mens section.  If you follow me on instagram you already know one of my favorite outfit tricks is shopping the mens section for shirts.  I especially love mens shirts because they provide the perfect booty coverage and are great with layering a look which can elevate any outfit.  Speaking of layering, grab a button down since they are add a little sophistication.  Next time you think you have nothing to wear take a look in the mens section…or your husband’s side of the closet!

The Hoodie: Perfect for a casual look with leggings. Add sneakers or combat boots depending on the season and your mood. This is my current favorite sweater hoodie.

The Sweater: Can be worn with any leggings but I especially like to pair them with faux leather leggings. This cable knit sweater is my current favorite and I have it in charcoal gray and white. I already got so much use out if it this season.

The Button-down: My favorite for layering under sweaters or shorter sweatshirts. They can also be worn belted with leggings or printed stockings and knee high boots. I have this one and love it.

My outfit details can be found here.

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