Elevating Your Look: Joggers

Elevating Your Look: Joggers

Joggers have become a staple in my wardrobe, definitely something I can’t live without. I find myself turning to joggers more than leggings and that’s saying something. Mostly because joggers allow for more freedom with the tops. However, at least on me some joggers can make me look frumpy or honestly not quite put together. I’m on the shorter side so pairing joggers with an oversized sweatshirt makes me look like a little girl who took her older brothers clothes. Joggers used to be the pants i’d wear around the house, not out of the house. Then I thought to myself, I can totally wear these bad boys out and about. I love to pair joggers with unexpected pieces. For example I love joggers, a dainty sweater and a few gold chains. Another great option is a blazer, printed blazers are a current favorite. Blazers, in my opinion elevate any look but I love the unusual couple of joggers and a blazer. The definition of fashion to me is one’s way to self identify with a look to make them feel better. In sort, look good, feel good. But like beauty, fashion is in the eye of the beholder but the beholder is oneself. I like to put little twists on my outfits, and according to my mom I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl. To elevate those joggers add a blazer and a necklace. Want to add some statement earrings? Go for it. The world of fashion is your oyster.

Outfit Details:

My Blazer but I also love this one as well.

My t-shirt is old but I love this one. Love me some Dolly

My joggers are super comfortable, I have them in both colors.

My sneakers are an investment but I also linked these similar ones at a great price point.

Click here to see all my outfit details in one place.

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