Alexander’s One Year Photoshoot

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Our baby is one! ONE!  This is unbelievable to me.  Yes, we have 2 other children but I was pregnant on both their 1st birthday’s so I knew I would be experiencing these special milestones again.   This moment is bitter sweet as were all of Alexander’s milestones because he truly is our baby.  Will we have more children?  Who knows?  Right now our family feels pretty perfect to me.

I try to capture every moment I can with a picture.  I have so many pictures of my kid’s on my phone!  It’s actually ridiculous but the truth is I don’t ever want to miss or forget a moment.   That’s why I always have professional photos taken for special milestones.  Like birth or newborn photos and first birthday photos.   These are photos that I will have hanging in my home for the rest of my life and I want them to be a beautiful representation of my children.    Getting Alexander ready for his photo shoot was so exciting.  I couldn’t believe he was already turning one!  For his newborn photo shoot I kept the colors very neutral focussing on his adorable new born features and tons of dark hair!  I knew I wanted to take the same theme and tie it into his one year photos.

I met Pamira almost 4 years ago while I was pregnant with my first son Maximus.  To say we hit it off would be an understatement.  I am a firm believer in signs and people meeting for a reason.  I was a maternity model for Pamira and I was so nervous! She made me feel so comfortable and so beautiful.  I mean let’s be honest at 8 months pregnant feeling beautiful doesn’t really come to mind.  Never the less Pamira made me feel like a goddess.  I knew without a doubt that I would be hiring  Pamira to do my son’s newborn photoshoot.

Fast forward almost 4 years and 3 babies later.  Here she is capturing yet another beautiful milestone.   I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take my children’s photos.  Pamira manages to snap the most beautiful moments.  When you think you have nothing from a photo shoot due to a cranky baby you she shows you the gallery and you are amazed.   The heart and soul that goes into these photos is unmatchable.   I am truly grateful to not only have her as a photographer but a friend 🙂

Now onto the shoot!  A newborn photo shoot and a one year photo shoot are quite different to say the least.  I am sure a lot of parent’s out there can agree!  The first thing I like to get out of the way is a theme for the photo shoot.  As I said earlier I wanted to keep it all neutral tones.  Pamira and I would go back and forth and when I arrived at her studio she managed to make my ideas come to life!

As I sat there and watched my little almost one year old playing with the balloons and the paper I thought to myself how truly fast this year went!   My daydreaming got interrupted by my running, yes running little 11 month old!  The professional photos are truly beautiful but it’s the candid moments are my favorite.

Thank you for taking a moment to glimpse at a beautiful piece of my world ❤

I will leave you all with a quote that I will never forget and often repeat to myself.  “The days are long but the years are fast”.  Never has there been a truer statement.

Happy birthday to our sweet beautiful baby boy Alexander.

Looking for a great photographer?  Here you go!  Pamira Breman Photography

Ashli’s Tips:

  1. Find a photographer who you truly click with.  I am so happy to call a Pamira a friend 🙂
  2. Find a photographer who you can be open with.  You have to voice your likes and dislikes. Remember you a paying client and should be thrilled with your photos.
  3. These photoshoots should be fun and not stressful.  Well not too stressful 😉
  4. Your photographer got the shot, even if you don’t think so.


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