Getting Out of the Work Out Slump! 


I was always involved in sports growing up.  So I was used to going to practices and competing.  After college I still stuck with working out to stay active and in shape.  As I get older (gulp) I know how important it is to work out for my health.  I would also like to mention how much of a nicer person I am when I work out.  Good old serotonin and endorphins doing their thang.   My problem is I get bored, very easily.  I can’t just go to a gym and run on the elliptical (do you even run or is it like more of a glide?).  More power to those who can but I have zero will power for that!  I was very into vinyasa yoga before I was pregnant and even did it throughout my pregnancies.  However, with three little ones ages 1,2 and 3 I lost the drive to go and work out.  Mainly due to sleep deprivation.  I felt like everyday I was working out!  Which isn’t exactly exaggerating!  There’s a reason why there are shirts that say “my toddler is my cardio”.   However, I knew I needed to do something.  I wasn’t feeling my best and let’s face it, after three back to back pregnancies mommy needed to do some toning and tightening.  I decided to look into work outs that would keep my interest…

That’s when I came across a pilates studio that was opening up in a local shopping center.  I thought, ok why not give it a try.  So I booked my first free demo class.  Dragging along my mother and sister of course.  I mean they go to the gym regularly so if anything they could make me look better by overshadowing my lack of endurance.   So we get to the demo and we have to wear these fun little grip socks.  I thought to myself, a work out that doesn’t involve sneakers?  I’m already liking this.  Then you see the reformer (pilates machine).   I must warn you.  The machine looks like it belongs in 50 shades of gray and I’m pretty sure its a transformer.   I’ve taken to calling my Reformus Prime.  After one class I was hooked.  I love that fact that we use our own bodies as the resistance.  I love that my body feels longer and leaner from the exercises we do.  I go twice a week and every time we are configuring this machine to do something different! I love it!

If you are looking for a new routine to try I suggest pilates! Ive noticed the results as have others.  If you are in the Northern New Jersey area they I highly recommend Club Pilates in West Caldwell.  Feeling shy? I’d be more then happy to catch a class with you!  Not in the area? Have no fear!  Club Pilates has locations nation wide!  I have linked my outfit details below incase you guys were interested!  I love these legging they are breathable and moveable.  Plus they are really cute, Incase you have to run errands afterwards you work out or maybe you just want to wear cute work out leggings any day of the week.   Whether it’s for athleisure or for actually working out, I’ve got you covered!

Ashli’s Tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to try a new work out.
  2. Set goals, small at first and then break them and set new ones!
  3. Buy some new work out gear to help motivate you.
  4. Get an accountability partner! It makes going so much easier! You guys can push each other!
  5. If you fall off you routine just get back into it!
  6. Slow and steady wins the race.  You are doing this for you 🙂


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Outfit Details:

My Leggings, the black are sold out but this color is super cute!  I may have to pick them up! // My Tank // My Hoodie, not the exact but very similar. // My Sneakers, I got mine last year but these are very similar // My Water Bottle 

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2 thoughts on “Getting Out of the Work Out Slump! ”

    1. I go Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Fridays! You may have to do a demo class first if you have never done pilates. Check out there website it’s great. I used to do vinyasa not bikram yoga which is hot. I wasn’t too into hot yoga. I like indigo yogo in Caldwell 😊


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