Can we talk winter boots for a second? 


Ok, it’s freezing in Jersey and the kids are napping so I thought why not throw out a quick post on winter boots! Incase any of you out there haven’t picked up a pair yet.  My my how far we have come!  I for one do not particularly enjoy the snow.  As child all my siblings would be out playing in the snow for hours and I would be inside enjoying the warmth with a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows in hand and a movie marathon going on.  Alas, this is still how I feel but circumstances now obligate me to leave the house in the snow.  So I had to pick myself up a few pairs of cute and functional snow boots.  I even found a pair that have a wedged heal to them.  You know to help us short gals out ; )  There are SO many styles this season but below you will find some of my favorites.  The prices range from $37.00-$239.95.


Click the images below for the direct link!


I have similar boots to these and they sold out so fast! But I found these and also love them!


I just love how these boots look! I bet you will look like your are gliding on the snow in these!


I mean these boots are fantastic and the price point makes them even better!


The wedge on these makes them!


I will always be a fan of a classic SOREL winter boot.  #basic #whatever


I just really loved the color of these boots and the fur popping through.


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