Joggers, How I Love Thee…

Joggers. My current obsession.  I have always had a thing for joggers but this year I’m taking it to a new level.  Maybe it’s the pregnancy or maybe it’s the great selection but either way mama’s a happy camper!   You can pair joggers with so many things.  They are the perfect on the go outfit to run errands with and personally Sunday’s and joggers go hand in hand in my book.  Comfort is everything these days and joggers make comfort fashionable.   I love pairing them with cute sneakers like Adidas superstars or UGG booties on a really cold day.  The always versatile piece pairs well with a sweater, sweatshirt and any jacket (leather moto is my fav) or vest.  Not to mention a long cardigan.  The options are endless.  So grab a pair of joggers, get some brunch and say hello to fashionable comfort.  Below I have linked some of my favorites ❤

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