Living in Leggings


“If wearing leggings as pants is wrong,  I don’t want to be right.”

I have been living in leggings these past few months as my body has been going through the glorious changes of pregnancy.  However, I must admit that I have always been a leggings girl.  I’m on the shorter side and have shorter legs so it’s always such a pain to find a great pair of jeans which I won’t need to have altered.  Oh and not to mention that i’ve been pregnant back to back to back these past 3 years…so leggings have been my best friend along with coffee 🙂  I love leggings this time of year.   They keep you warm and with all the fun prints they are very stylish.  I like to pair leggings with a long off the shoulder sweater and some fun sneakers.  These moto leggings that I’m wearing have been a favorite of mine for the past few years!  I have worn them before during and after my pregnancies.  The are comfortable, stylish and under $40.00!  Hence why I own them in all 3 colors 🙂   I have linked my outfit details as well as some of my current favorite leggings below. 

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My moto leggings | My off the shoulder sweater | My velvet sneakers | My cross body bag | My faux fur pom |








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5 thoughts on “Living in Leggings”

  1. Although I am not a leggings type of girl, I prefer lower rise pants, these leggings look really nice and the brand has some nice stuff I’ve bought! Are these very high waisted and are they thin?


    1. When shopping for jeans or pants I definitely prefer low rise myself. Well when I’m not pregnant these leggings hit right by my belly button. So I like the coverage they give. I’ll wear them with a longer tank top then layer on top and it just smooths the whole look. They are soft which makes them feel on the thinner side but hold shape. Hope that helps!


  2. I personally believe that leggings (or meggings) can be worn as pants. I love the moto leggings, and I can see nothing wrong with wearing them for weeks and months 🙂


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